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What others are saying about Ballroom Icons

Here's what others are saying about the book Ballroom Icons:

Bryan Allen:

To be included is a great honour, and something of a surprise. If my inclusion suggests that I have played some minor role in the world of ballroom dancing then of course I am delighted. Brigitt should feel delighted, for although she does not appear in her book as one of the “icons,” her contribution in many ways, and in particular in the production of this wonderful reference book, certainly moves her among them.”

Julie Kee:

Dear Brigitt, Thanks very much for your lovely book and for signing it for me. I received it a few days ago and have been enjoying reading it and learning about the important people that have contributed to and influenced the evolution of ballroom dance. I am passionate about the art form and this is why I am delighted to have a book such as yours which is very educational for me to know how the artform developed to what it is today and the people that worked so hard to craft and develop it. Your book means a lot to me and will add an extra dimension to my continuing journey of dance.”

George Pytlik:

Ballroom Icons is a true labor of love. Brigitt's passion for the project is evident on each page. This work has been in progress for so long that some of the people she interviewed passed on before the book could go to press. It was worth the wait, because you can't rush this type of effort, and it really needed someone with this kind of care to do it justice.”

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Peggy Spencer, MBE:

Thank you so very much for sending me Ballroom Icons. It was a very unexpected surprise and delighted to receive it and now I can’t put it down. I am already up to Doreen Freeman, who I knew so well. It is brilliant. I do admire all the work and research you have put into it, and I sincerely hope that it will be a great success at Blackpool and that you sell many, many copies. You really deserve to and I wish you lots of luck.”

Michael & Susan Mitsui

Dear Brigitt, We have just received your book early this week at the studio here in Osaka, Japan. It is truly a beautiful piece of work and art and very inspiring.

We were also very intrigue to learn about the history of Ballroom dancing that we could not close the book. We enjoyed reading about our icons that had influenced us on our journey of Ballroom Dance and look forward to read about other icons that had contributed and made ballroom dancing what it is today.

Thank you for such a remarkable book that we all can learn from our roots and remember our history. It is also an exquisite and beautiful book from the simple, elegant box to detailed overlay transparent art pages, it is a master piece of work!”

Peter Walker:

Fantastic job on the book!! Its great and long overdue. I am so proud that someone took the time to recognize people like Peter and Doreen to mention but a few...”

Karen Majeski:

I was on business travel this week but came home to find that my book had arrived. The book is very classy and so well done. I am really enjoying it and learning so much about some of the ballroom legends I have heard so much about. I am so very glad that I ordered it. Best wishes!”

Sophie Drinnan:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book Ballroom Icons. I found it to be richly illustrated with unique history and photographs of extraordinary personalities that resonate the culture and values of dance and its divine beginnings. It is the perfect compliment to the grace and beauty of the dance world that has and will continue to inspire every generation. I thank you and your husband John Karakis for opening the dance world to me, for the opportunities to meet with such gracious people and the enjoyment of their performances. Congratulations Brigitt on the success of your beautiful book, it is truly a work of art. Well done!”

Mick Stylianos & Lorna Lee:

The book is fab! We wish you all the success; you deserve it. Its such a well produced memento of dance history and we are very proud to have been included. Thank you. Love Mick and Lorna”

Keith Todd  Editor, Dance Beat:

Congratulations on your launch at Blackpool, it was super! We got everyone to sign the book and Didio is going to take it with him on his travels and complete all the living icon signatures. My mum loved it too!”

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