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Table of Contents. What's inside Ballroom Icons.

Here's what you'll find inside the 295 fascinating pages of Ballroom Icons:

Acknowledgements, 6

From the Author, 7

Foreward by Bryan Allen, 8

Foreward by Prof Dr. Thomas Druyen, sociologist and author of Olymp des Lebens and Goldkinder, 9

Introduction, 10

Historical Notes, 12

More Historical Notes, 62

The Beginnings:

Vernon & Irene Castle: darlings to the world, 14

PJ Richardson: let's get organized, 22

Victor Silvester, OBE: champion, bandleader... TV icon, 30

Josephine Bradley, MBE: the first lady of ballroom dancing, 24

Phyllis Haylor: another grand lady, 26

Monsieur Pierre and Doris Lavelle: let's rumba. 34

Henry Jacques: the pioneer in ballroom dancing notation, 46

Alex Moore: taking it a step further, 38

Elsa Wells: creating an event, 28

Sonny Binnick: strong tabacco, 52

The Technicians

Paul Krebs: Viennese Waltz is his baby, 66

Sydney Francis: the next Latin expert, 92

Walter Laird: the "spiritual father" of Latin dance, 98

Bill and Bobbie Irvine, MBE: the successor to the first lady, 134

Peter Eggleton: a gentle man, 142

Anthony Hurley: a gentleman, 180

Alan & Hazel Fletcher: strength through unity, 244

The First Champion Makers

Len Scrivener: putting it into practice, 42

Eric Hancox: ambassador, 50

Nina Hunt and Dimitri Petrides: champion maker, 94

Benny Tolmeijer: not only for tango, 86

Lorraine: an innovative "follower", 102

The Artists

Bobby Medeiros: tamed mambo mania, 187

Vernon Brock: let's face the... audience, 190

Sam Sodano: from "rippler" to mega-promoter, 194

Espen Salberg: wearing many hats, no problem, 252

Mick Stylianos: twenty-one ways to do it and
Lorna Lee: woman power, 240

Ruud Vermeij: a whole new world at hand, 256

Frank and Vicki Regan: they could have won it, 202

The Silent Stars

Doreen Freeman and Bob Burgess: Hollywood personified, 54

Julie Laird: quality is here to stay, 106

Harry Smith-Hampshire: first impressions on Russia, 82

Len Colyer: the "Colyer circus", 60

The Educators

Lee and Linda Wakefield: Brigham Young University, 260

Pierre Dulaine: take the lead, 234

Wolfgang Opitz: boom, cha ca cha ca cha ca boom, 78

Evelyn Hörmann: the life of the daughter of an icon, 74

Richard Gleave: champion..., 216

The Politicians

Bobby Short: the first promoter, 129

Kosaku (George) Fujimura: putting Japan on the map, 40

Tetsuji Kojima: keeping it there, 130

Detlef Hegemann: peacekeeper, 152

Robin Short: a true diplomat, 212

Karl Breuer: champion, TV star, president..., 158

Brian McDonald: bridging the new and the old world, 228

Rudi Trautz: disciple of the champion maker, 174

Gerd Hädrich: let the world dance, 70

Isao Nakagawa: let's make a living, 220

Gerd Weissenberg: how can we make it even better, 250

The Visionaries and Entrepreneurs

Arthur and Kathryn Murray: creating an empire, 18

George Theiss: keep it going, 110

Phil Masters: and going, 112

John Kimmins: and going, 114

John Monte: putting the U.S. on the map, 166

Chrisanne and Peter Dobner: from the attic to the runway, 266

Supadance Mick and Barry Free: we need good shoes, 126

Ron Gunn: tailor to the champions, 198

Méryem Pearson: putting Canada on the map, 228

The Ones Behind the Scenes

Peggy Spencer, MBE: TV star, president, award recipient, 88

Gillian MacKenzie: Blackpool our Blackpool, 208

Bryan Allen: critic, editor..., 170

Marguerite Hanlon: patron to the arts
and John Ford, 118

Heinz Späker: the Olympic dream, 156

Commentaries by the next generation, 272

In Closing, 287

About the Photographer, 290

About the Author, 291

About Ron Self, 292

Sources, 293

Footnotes, 294

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Ballroom Icons is a comprehensive history of ballroom dancing, seen through the eyes of the most influential people available. 64 amazing profiles of even more amazing people, along with historical notes and commentary on the icons by today's greatest dancers.

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