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We invite you to take a look inside the book. These full-sized layouts directly from the pages of this ground-breaking book let you see the remarkable insight into the lives of these legends of ballroom dancing.

You'll see for yourself why these icons are so highly regarded, and why this book is such an important work, preserving the incredible history of the world of ballroom dancing before it is lost forever.

These represent only a handful of the powerful stories inside the book, a total of 64 profiles covering 86 remarkable people.

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Walter (Wally) Laird

Walter Laird page thumbnailThe Master. Considered a dance giant with a brilliant analytical mind. Simply put, he was a perfectionist. Born in England in 1920, Walter's background as a scientist gave him a unique ability to analyze the physics of body movements. In the process, he shaped many of the technical details dancers use in the Latin dances. Read the Walter Laird profile.

Doreen Freeman Burgess

Doreen Freeman page thumbnailAfter the Second World War when life became easier again, ballroom dancing was to British youth what skateboarding and rollerblading are to the adolescents of today. And the best testimonies of those times come from those icons who were part of it all, like the beautiful and graceful Doreen Freeman, a superstar of ballroom. As of 2009, she was still teaching, holding lectures and capturing her audience through youthful expressiveness and graceful movements, physical testimonies to her demanding training and deep understanding of ballroom dance. Read the entire Doreen Freeman profile.

Brian & Christine (Kristi) McDonald

Brian and Kristi McDonald page thumbnailThey fell in love with the land of the free and the home of the brave, bridging the old and the new world. Among the world's top professional competitors and hailing from Scotland, in 1977 they were asked to give lectures and shows in the US and loved the experience. They moved there and became highly instrumental in the development of the NDCA and the growth of ballroom dancing in America. Read Brian and Kristi's entire profile.

Alan & Hazel Fletcher

Alan and Hazel page thumbnailOne of the biggest concerns for the future of ballroom dancing is that it may slip into a casual sportive style where athletes and spectators enter the ballroom in sweatsuits or ripped jeans and baseball caps. This uneasiness is not without merit, as the athletic component of competition receives ever greater attention. Alan and Hazel Fletcher are key figures involved in preserving the best of the past and connecting it with the future of ballroom dancing. Read their profile.

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Ballroom Icons includes 64 profiles of 86 different figures from the history of ballroom dancing. Take a look inside some of the pages, then place your order for this remarkable volume.

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