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The specifications of a classic.

Ballroom Icons was created from its conception to become a lasting legacy as important and influential as the people featured within its pages.

To ensure that this book will remain a valuable and treasured part of your library for generations, much care was put into the production values. It is not just another coffee table book, but one designed, in every detail, to last.

Only 2,500 limited luxury editions were produced, each one individually numbered.

The book was printed on acid-free archival paper, to ensure that the paper remains soft and pure white as it ages.

The high-quality printing process ensures that inks will be preserved on the pages, and the perfect binding method uses thread rather than glue to keep the binding sturdy and intact even after many readings.

The book is packaged in a beautiful elegant gray hard-shell slipcase, imprinted with the title of the book on the front and spine. A notched edge on the slipcase makes it easy to open.

The book itself features a thick onion-skin flyleaf dust jacket with a high-gloss varnish to highlight the cover photo underneath, reflecting the glamour of ballroom dancing even before you open the cover.

Throughout the book, onion-skin flyleaf inserts featuring memorable dance quotes add elegance and sophistication to your reading experience.

In addition, the limited luxury editions are shipped with several random 8x10 limited edition photographic plates of key icons, photographed by German master photographer U.H. Mayer.

Inside, you'll find a center foldout panel featuring photographs of the icons in action, and the signatures of 46 icons, creating a special highlight in the middle of the book.

Two different sections of historical notes gives you tremendous insight into the development of ballroom dancing, and the many challenges it faces through years of war and other times.

At the back you'll find pages of commentaries by today's top champions about the icons and their influence on their own dancing careers.

Size: 9x12 inch format

Pages: 295

Number of Profiles: 64

Icons covered: 86

Weight: 5 lbs / 2.5 kg

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This is a quality book, designed to become a lasting legacy of ballroom dancing that will last for generations. Only 2,500 limited luxury editions were produced. Don't miss this chance to put one of these remarkable volumes in your personal or studio library.

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